Grass-fed Oink! Knotted Double PorkyStick 3"-6"(2-pack)

Grass-fed Oink! Knotted Double PorkyStick 3"-6"(2-pack)
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Grass-fed Oink! Knotted double porky sticks 3"-6" 2-pack, made in Argentina.

The Package that I opened up for the photo contained 2 sticks that were about 6.5 inches long. These are made from Grass-fed pork that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

This bully sticks are not labeled as odor free but to my nose, t is not stinky at all and it does not stink up our room when Palette the Corgi chew these

This bully sticks are more of softer chew to my eyes and might be great ones for puppies, older dogs or simply for dogs who would like daily quick snack.Palette can crunch down the knotted part with no problem

Due to natural treats,thickness of the each bully sticks can vary.

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